How safe is Japan to invest ? and which part of Tokyo you should consider ? -crime rate-

Do you want to buy a house or invest in Japan ?
If you’re considering an international investment property, step one is to find a good real estate agent who understands the country’s regulations,
especially if you’re not fluent in the local language.
Next question is what sort of criteria for judgement do you have in your mind for finding a property ?

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never find it.
How about crime rate ?

Japan is safe.
Having lived in Kobe, Kawasaki, Tokyo, Sydney, Gold Coast, London
and travelled over 25 countries, I can assure it. And crime rates are an important indicator to analyze when looking for an investment property.
Buying the property in a high crime country or area can be risky not only to you, but also to your investment or even to your tenants.
High crime generally reduces the values of properties in a given area.
A study in USA for example, found that a 10 percent reduction in homicides resulted in an 0.83 percent increase in housing values the following year.
Needless to say, people in Japan do care about the safety in the neighborhood.
I am not saying that you can’t make money in areas with higher crime.
There could be a good number of investments in areas with a relatively high crime rate. There are still?plenty of good people in those areas that you can make money renting or selling to.
But the important thing is to know what you are getting into.
It is important up front to decide what kind of risk tolerance you have and what types of areas you are willing to invest in.
But how safe is Japan ?
Once you’ve decided on what kind of areas(countries) you are looking to invest in,
you can start to research them. Always ask Google first.
Here is the some statical data on some developed countries by UN, GLOBAL STUDY on HOMICIDE 2013.


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How can you know if your property in Japan is a good investment ?

There are a number of options and variations in the real estate investment opportunities in Japan.
You can invest in the condominiums, residential buildings, flipping the existing houses, flipping the abandoned houses, office buildings
boutique hotels and small hostels so on.
You also have to decide the area you want to invest.
Is it in Tokyo, neighboring areas of Tokyo or local cities which usually offer more attractive yields ?
Each option has both pluses and minuses.
In this article today, however, I will discuss in general what I think a good rental property is and what things to look at when you are considering buying a property for the investment in Japan.
In my opinion, you need to consider the following factors.
Monthly cash flow, the location, the value (appreciation), the condition of the property, the market and your age.
Taxes and other factors need to be considered as well.
Understanding the tax angles when you buy the property in Japan Part-1

Understanding the tax angles when you buy the property in Japan Part-2

Brief on Inheritance tax in Japan as of 2017

Among the above factors, the first thing I look is the monthly cash flow.

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