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2020 Tokyo Olympics revamping central Tokyo

(Current JR East ‘Harajuku’ station)

Tokyo will host the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and Olympics and Paralympics in 2020.
In view of the two big events and rapid growth of the inbound tourism, In Tokyo, there are a number of revamp projects in the pipe line now.
Today I pick up one of the projects by EAST Japan Railway Company (JR East)
involving Sendagaya station which is the closest station to the new National Stadium and Harajuku Ekimae project by NTT group.

Tokyo and neighbouring cities have been developed sufficiently and in a sense have been seeing the matured status
over the years,
however, when the new development plans are revealed by the developers and the railway companies,
the real estate price in the redevelopment area picks up and price hike is likely to continue for over several years.

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