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Digital Nomads and Investment Opportunities in Japan: A New Era Unfolds


Have you ever considered becoming

a digital nomad in Japan?



As the safest country in the world, Japan offers a diverse range


of entertainment options,


an unrivalled food scene and a unique blend of tradition and innovation.


With relatively affordable rent and a world-class healthcare system,


Japan is an increasingly attractive destination for digital nomads looking to


immerse themselves in a new culture and way of life.


Moreover, the Japanese government is actively encouraging



digital nomads and foreign investors

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Japan’s Skilled Worker Shortage: How the Proposed Changes to Immigration Policy Affect the Real Estate Market (Breaking News)



Will permanent residency be

given to foreign workers?



As a real estate agent in Japan targeting foreign investors,


it’s important to keep up-to-date on the latest changes to immigration policy.


On April 24th, the Japanese government proposed a significant expansion of


the “Specified Skilled Worker 2” residency status, which allows skilled foreign workers to work in Japan.


If approved, this would allow for unlimited employment of foreign workers in 12 sectors facing labor shortages.

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What is the point system for highly skilled personnel? (Japan’s green card)




What is the point system for highly skilled personnel?


Are you looking to work and live in Japan as a highly skilled professional?


If so, the Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals system may be just what you need.

As a real estate agent targeting foreign nationals, it’s important to provide information

about this program to your clients.


This system was introduced in 2012 to provide preferential treatment for highly skilled professionals from overseas,

with the aim of promoting economic growth.


To qualify for the program, candidates must accumulate a certain number of points based on the criteria

such as academic achievements, work experience, and salary level.

There are three categories of eligible activities: advanced academic research,

advanced specialized/technical work, and advanced business/management work.

If a candidate accumulates at least 70 points, they can enjoy preferential immigration control

and residency management treatment.

This includes perks such as multiple residence activities, a five-year period of stay,

and priority processing for immigration and residence procedures.

Spouses, parents, and domestic servants may also be allowed to accompany the highly skilled professional under certain conditions.

Furthermore, after three years of being a Highly Skilled Professional No. 1,

individuals may become eligible for Highly Skilled Professional No. 2 status, which grants an indefinite period of stay and additional benefits.

As a foreign real estate agent, it’s important to communicate the benefits of this system to your clients.

This program offers a great opportunity for highly skilled professionals to work and live in Japan,

and you may be interested in finding a suitable property to live in during your stay.


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Fast track for permanent residency for highly skilled foreigners :Japan’s Groundbreaking New Green Card system

Japan dramatically relaxed Green Card system !
Bold new opportunity to obtain Japan’s new Green Card.
Are you interested in Japanese Green Card with Japan’s social security and universal healthcare service ?
Here is what you should do. 
Invest in the property here and get the ‘business manager’ status.
Japan is facing the acute shortage of workforce.
To address the issue, Prime Minister Abe has been drastically relaxing the immigration control for both low skilled workers and high skilled professionals.
Japan needs both low skilled workers as well as advanced skilled managers.
There is a new visa category called Highly-Skilled Professionals (HSP).This new category was relaxed dramatically last year and now Japanese government is offering preferential treatment for the category, which makes applicants much easier to apply for the so-called

In this relaxed category, HSP can apply for ‘GREEN CARD’ earliest within ONE YEAR (subject to your points) after you
get status of HSP. The Green Card application procedure is based on the points-based system.
The new approach follows the government’s introduction of a point system for highly skilled professionals in 2012.
Under this system, people are scored according to factors such as academic background, career background and annual salary, and are categorized under the field of “academic research,” “technical activities,” or “business management.”Read more