Credit Saison Co., Ltd. has begun offering the “Saison Real Estate Free Loan” , a service that allows users to freely utilize funds within the limit, using their owned real estate as collateral.


Credit Saison Co., Ltd. has begun offering the

“Saison Real Estate Free Loan” from March 31st ,2023,

a service that allows users

to freely utilize funds within the limit,

using their owned real estate as collateral.


It is presumed that among affluent individuals and property owners,

there are those who face challenges and concerns regarding asset management and operation,

such as inheritance measures for business succession, property succession, and real estate operation.

To address the diverse financial needs of affluent individuals, real estate investors (property owners),

and sole proprietors with various challenges, this service has been introduced as a new solution utilizing real estate.

The service leverages the know-how of real estate finance cultivated through various real estate financial services,

including those of the company’s group companies and the expertise of the credit card business.

As a non-bank product unique to the company, it offers “freedom of fund usage,” “extreme-type loans,” “high-value loans,”

and “selectable repayment methods.”



Product Features

・Freedom of fund usage: Fund usage is generally free, such as “consumption for remodeling and education expenses,”

“business purposes like starting a business and working capital,” and “investment purposes like real estate investment.”

Other uses include purchasing high-value products and paying taxes.

・Extreme-type loans: Borrow the necessary amount when needed within the available credit limit.

・Selectable repayment methods: Each time you borrow, you can choose between “principal deferment repayment


※1” and “equal principal and interest repayment.”

(※1Agreed repayment is a repayment method where only interest is paid, and the principal is repaid in a lump sum on the final payment date.)


Product Overview

Target: Individuals and sole proprietors

Loan type: Extreme-type loans

Fund usage: Free (consumption, business, investment)

*Declaration of fund usage required for each borrowing

Repayment method: Principal deferment repayment or equal principal and interest repayment (fixed number of payments)

*Selectable for each borrowing Contract term: 6 years (with renewal)

Collateral: Owned real estate (mortgage registration) *Only in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures

*Excluding real estate essential for maintaining a livelihood, such as residences.

Limit / Single borrowing amount: 20 million yen or more, less than 1 billion yen / 2 million yen or more (in units of 100,000 yen)

Interest rate: Variable interest rate – Mizuho Bank’s published long-term prime rate +1.05% to 5.65%

*Applied annual rate after borrowing is reviewed twice a year

*Preferential interest rates are applied depending on

the borrowing amount

Loan administration fee: 0.50% to 2.00% of the borrowing amount (tax included).

Prepayment fee: Free





Credit Saison Co., Ltd., a well-established financial services company, recently introduced a novel offering,


the “Saison Real Estate Free Loan.”


Targeted at affluent individuals, property owners, and sole proprietors,


this service addresses the financial needs of these individuals by allowing them


to freely utilize funds within a set limit, using their real estate holdings as collateral.


The service is unique and useful in several ways:


1. Freedom of Fund Usage:

Unlike traditional loans that may restrict the use of funds to specific purposes,

the Saison Real Estate Free Loan allows for a wide range of fund usage.

This freedom extends to consumption-related expenses like remodelling and education,

business purposes like start-ups and working capital, and even investment purposes like real estate.

This flexibility can be particularly attractive to property owners or real estate investors

who may need access to capital for a variety of reasons.


2. Extreme-type Loans:

Another interesting feature is the ability to borrow only what is necessary

within the available credit limit.

This feature offers borrowers a flexible way to manage their borrowing

based on their individual financial needs and conditions,

making it an attractive option for savvy investors and entrepreneurs.


3. Selectable Repayment Methods:

Borrowers also have the choice between two repayment methods:

‘principal deferment repayment,’ where only interest is paid with

a lump sum principal repayment at the end, and ‘equal principal

and interest repayment.’

This flexibility allows borrowers to choose a repayment method

that suits their cash flow situation.


4. Geographic Availability:

The service is currently available in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama prefectures,

which could be an advantage for property owners in these areas.

As a real estate agent based in Tokyo,

you could consider this service as an additional tool for your clients.

Particularly for those who are property owners or are interested in investing in real estate,

the Saison Real Estate Free Loan could provide an effective financial solution.

It could serve as a mechanism for freeing up capital for home improvements,

property investments, or other business ventures.



Toshihiko Yamamoto
Real estate investing consultant and author.
Founder of Yamamoto Property Advisory in Tokyo.
International property Investment consultant and licensed
real estate broker (Japan).
He serves the foreign companies and individuals to buy and sell
the real estates in Japan as well as own homes.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from
Osaka Prefecture University in Japan
and an MBA from Bond University in Australia

Toshihiko’s book, “The Savvy Foreign Investor’s Guide to Japanese Properties: How to Expertly Buy, Manage and Sell Real Estate in Japan” is now out on Amazon, iBooks (iTunes, Apple) and Google Play.



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