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Is only Tokyo worth investing in Japan ?


(Fukuoka city: Image was provided by Fukuoka city official site)
As we discussed in the previous post, we always recommend
foreign investors to start looking at Tokyo as the prime location to invest
in properties however, in addition to Tokyo, there are a few big local cities
where attractive investment opportunities exist.
Fukuoka city in Kyushu island is one of them.
Where is Fukuoka city ?
Fukuoka city is one of twelve government-designated cities

(namely large cities) such as Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya
and has a population of 1.53 million people.(vs. 9.21 million in Tokyo 23 wards)
Here is the latest official forecast of its population and household
in the future announced by the Fukuoka city official.

(Please click the image to enlarge)
Its population will increase until 2035 and
notably the number of household (another important indicator for real estate
investing) will continue to grow until 2040 (or possibly beyond)
In Japanese real estate investing, the population matters so their
future is very bright.
Its gross population is ranked 5th in the government-designated cities.
In terms of population increase and population growth rate,
Fukuoka city tops in twelve cities.
From the global perspective, in ‘Livability ranking’ published by

MONOCLE magazine in London, Fukuoka city is ranked
14th in the world.Read more