Japanese real estate essentials: What kind of laws do you need to understand before you buy a property in Japan ?

Here is  how it works : Japanese real estate essentials.

What kind of laws are protecting rights of your real estate in Japan ?

The civil law describes the general rules for the purchase and sales (and lease) of the property.

The civil law regulates ownership and superficies and also provide the definition of rights such as pledge and mortgage.

As a conventional individual, I think you only need to know how the mortgage works in Japan.

The land lease and building lease law, which is special law of civil law, provides

the general rules of land lease and building lease.

The act on sectional ownership of buildings provides the general rules on sectional ownership, meaning

the law is for the condominiums.

The real estate registration law is for the real estate registration system.

What are major laws which regulate the use of real estate ?

The city planning law and the building standards law mainly deal with how we can use land what kind buildings we can build

according to the zoning regulations.

The zoning is very restricted especially in the residential areas.

Other major laws, which regulate the use of real estate, include the agricultural land law, which regulates

agriculture land transactions and the land readjustment law, which focuses the reallocation of land to improve

a town.

If you are interested in the farming in Japan, the farm land is so much regulated by the law here that you need to

allow time for the heavy administration imposed by the bureaucrats.

Any other important laws related to real estate ?

The building lots and buildings transaction business law, which governs real estate transactions, provides essential guidelines 

for real estate developers and real estate agent companies (realtors, like myself).

Tax is a very important factor in the real estate business.

These are the real estate acquisition tax, registration tax, fixed asset tax, city planning tax.

When it comes to the hotels and airbnbs, the fire protection law plays a very important role

in terms of the construction process and the due diligence.

The fire protection law stipulates what construction and equipment  are required for the building to guard against the danger

posed by fire.

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