Soak feeling the wind from the ocean? Interesting opportunity : Atami onsen resort (YouTube)

Soak feeling the wind from the ocean?

Some outside baths in Atami is only 5m away from the ocean. 

You can soak feeling the wind from the ocean.

Atami is a very popular getaway destination and is renown of the onsen in the area.

It is also one of the primary locations for diving in Izu.

I visited Atami in May 2019 with a client.
You can enjoy the great ocean view from the hot onsen tub in Japanese style hotels.

It has been dead for a long time but regained the tourists for a last
few years.

It is now one of the hottest tourists spots near Tokyo.

It is only 60 min away from Tokyo and you can take shinkansen from there.

There are a number of investment opportunities in the hotel segment there

including airbnb and turning a house into a hotel.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Atami is also increasing.
Many people in Tokyo own the second houses(villa)

for the weekend and spend the time with their family during the weekend

and go back to Tokyo for the rest of the week.

Atami is very famous for onsen ryokan and fantastic sea foods.

A number of new projects are being launched recently including the new hotel building by Tokyo Dome


Some Chinese hotel companies are actively investing as well.

Here is the quoate from Asashi Shimbun

“As Tokyo Dome Corp. seeks to build a new customer base in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, it plans a massive hot spring facility to open March 28 that will appeal to day-trippers.

The company will offer the new hot spring to its Atami Korakuen Hotel, when it opens the Atami Bay Resort Korakuen.

The ocean view spa called Fuua is about 25 meters long and is a “tachiyu” bath deep enough for bathers to stand while bathing. Bathers can see the panoramic view of the Sagaminada sea from the bath, feeling like they are floating in the sea, according to the company.”

New Atami spa seeks guests wanting to relax in giant bath (Asahi article)

Please see how busy Atami is in my video clip.


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