Priceless Opportunity : Magnificent House in Yakushima (World Heritage) and Huge Land for sale

(View from the property)

One of my good friends in the industry has just listed a beautiful house in Yakushima.

The small, remote island of Yakushima, which lies off the southern coast of the southernmost of Japan’s four major islands, Kyushu, is shaped something like the Hawaiian isle of Kauai. And just as on that other circular bit of rock over 4,000 miles away across the North Pacific, visitors arrive here seeking respite in subtropical rain forests and mountains. (from NYT)

Situated in the sacred island, this sophisticated new construction is in the exclusive Yakushima island.
The property boasts 1932 square meters of forest land and the fantastic ocean-view.
The house is compact wooden with a toilet which is equipped with the natural disintegrator system.
You don’t need the sewerage.

Property profile:

(The property)

The land with a house (the house is half built and worthless so it is sold as land)
Location : Yakushima island, Kagoshima prefecture
Land (forest)  1770㎡ 
Private road 162㎡ 
Total 1932㎡
House:50㎡ (but the construction is not completed)
Structure : Wooden
Price : 80 million yen  (U$800,000)

The property is the closest private house to “Chihiro no Taki” (Chihiro fall) which is the best tourist attraction in Yakushima.
The fall can be reached in 5 minutes by car, about 20 minutes on foot.
There is a supermarket, a post office, a government office and hot spring within 7 minutes by car.

Natural hot spring (public bath) costs you only 200 yen (two dollars) !

(Chihiro no taki (Chihiro fall)

Yakushima (屋久島) is one of the Ōsumi Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
The island, 504.88 km2(194.94 sq mi) in area, has a population of 13,000.
Access to the island is by hydrofoil ferry (7 or 8 times a day from Kagoshima, depending on the season), slow car ferry (once or twice a day from Kagoshima), or by air to Yakushima Airport (3 to 5 times daily from Kagoshima, once daily from Fukuoka and once daily from Osaka). Administratively, the whole island is the town of Yakushima.

The town also serves neighbouring Kuchinoerabujima.
The majority of the island is within the borders of the Kirishima-Yaku National Park.

In 1980 an area of 18,958 ha (46,850 acres) was designated a UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve.In 1993, 10 hectares (25 acres) of wetland at Nagata-hama was designated a Ramsar Site.
It is the largest nesting ground for the endangered loggerhead sea turtle in the North Pacific.
Yakushima’s unique remnant of warm/temperate ancient forest has been a natural World Heritage Site since 1993. In the Wilderness core area (12.19 square kilometres (3,010 acres)) of the World Heritage Site, no record of past tree cutting can be traced.
The island is visited by 300,000 global tourists every year.

Bottom line

It is a very priceless opportunity to buy the land and house in Yakushima.
The current owner has not completed building the house yet.
They have recently decided to emigrate into a foreign country and therefore listed the property.
You can complete the house by yourself or ask the professional builder to finish.
The house is new but not officially registered.
There is enough space to build the new house so you could start your private lodging business.
Yakushima is extremely popular among foreign tourists.
If you interested to purchase the property, please contact us.

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Consultation service

Spot consultation is available for those who are interested in buying an old Japanese folk house.
Spot consultation fee starts from 50,000 yen per two hours (plus tax). Consultation over Internet telephone is possible for those who are distant from Tokyo.
We can also provide the packaged advising service all through the deal. (including  locating an appropriate old house and a right builder to renovate.

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