Tranquil and Subtle : Fully renovated Machiya house in central Kyoto (YouTube video)

New listing in Japan’s old imperial capital !

The Kyoto district best known for its geishas, Shinto shrines, and teahouses. 

I have visited beautifully renovated KYOTO Machiya house.

You will love it.

What’s notable in the Kyoto’s real estate scene is how old and new mix seamlessly.

And the key word in Kyoto is subtlety.

“Machiya (町屋/町家) are traditional wooden townhouses found throughout Japan and typified in the historical capital of Kyoto. Machiya (townhouses) and nōka (farm dwellings) constitute the two categories of Japanese vernacular architecture known as minka (folk dwellings).

Machiya originated as early as the Heian period and continued to develop through to the Edo period and even into the Meiji period. Machiya housed urban merchants and craftsmen, a class collectively referred to as chōnin (townspeople). The word machiya is written using two kanji: machi (町) meaning “town”, and ya (家 or 屋) meaning “house” (家) or “shop” (屋) depending on the kanji used to express it. ” (From wikipedia)

By the way, I was born and raised in Kobe city which is sitting only one hour away from Kyoto city and I had a number of friends in Kyoto.

Despite the proximity, people’s mentality in both cities are so different.

They even speak different accent.

Kyoto-jin (Kyoto people) are generally so stuck up and snobbish and Kobe-jin

are generally more open to outsiders.

As Japanese, I would NOT live in Kyoto.

Kyoto-jin are so sticky and you have to follow so many unwritten local rules.

Their politeness is almost always feigned politeness and they have

double character.

But if you are a foreigner, you would be welcome by Kyoto-jin as a guest.

Details of Machiya house.

Terrace house

Land lot : 62.15m2

House Space : 64.07m2

Built : unknown probably in 1920s.

Two story

 Wooden structure

Fully renovated in March 2019 (construction structure enforcement, roofing, outside slides, toilet, bath room, kitchen, inside wall,

fusuma, tatami, shoji doors, new sashes etc)

3LDK + small Kyoto style garden

41 m2 living/dining,  15m2 x 1 bed room, 16m2 x1 bed room, one bath room, one toilet




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(Kyoto, Kiyomizu temple)

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