5-storey residential building in Nagoya city for sale: Rare opportunity to buy a property in central Nagoya


(Nagoya station, Meitetsu line)

Just a snap entry about a property in Nagoya.

It is a VERY good opportunity for someone looking for a good investment in Nagoya area.

The yield is very high and it comes with the awesome financing.

5-storey residential building in Nagoya city

Location : Minami-ku, Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture
10 min walk to the nearest station(Meitetsu line)
and it is only 11 mins to 
Nagoya station. Excellent location.
Gross yield (return) before the cost : 9.5 % basis 100% occupied

Land : 462m2
Building : 651m2
5-storey Steel construction (鉄骨、steel structure)
Built : 1998
25 units of studio apartment (each studio 24m2)
Rent : 51,000 yen to 61,000 yen per month for each unit
rice : 180 mil yen (U$1.8 mil)
Finance : 100% mortgage loan available by the first class Japanese bank at 2.3% pa for 27 years (subject to the financial background)
Projected monthly cash flow : 385,000 yen (4,625,000 yen per year)
Current rent roll : 24 out of 25 rooms are occupied.

There are universities and factories around the property where demands for the studio unit are sound.
If you are interested, please contact us so that we can  provide more details.

(The property)

(Nagoya station)

(Nagoya station)

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