“Revolutionizing Urban Living: SETAGAYA Qs-GARDEN Unveils a Multigenerational Community for Enhanced Well-Being”



Revolutionizing Urban Living:


a Multigenerational Community

for Enhanced Well-Being


On March  27th, 2023, five large companies, including Dai-ichi Life Insurance,


Marubeni Urban Development, Aioi Nissay Housing, NTT Urban Development,


and Nomura Real Estate announced the opening of “SETAGAYA Qs-GARDEN”


in Setagaya, Tokyo.


The project aims to create a community that promotes the well-being of its residents


by constructing multi-generational housing,


sports facilities, and community centres on a 9-hectare site owned


by Dai-ichi Life Insurance.

The multi-generational housing consists of family-friendly condos,


student residences, and health-promoting senior rental residences.


The area also features sports facilities such as running courses, tennis courts,


and baseball fields, as well as community centres, repurposed


from historical buildings.


They plan to regularly hold events for the improvement of residents’ well-being,


starting with the opening event on the 25th of March, 2023.


Main Facilities in SETAGAYA Qs-GARDEN


1.Multigenerational Housing

Grand Suite Setagaya Sengawa (Family-oriented Condominium)


Wellis Ivy Setagaya Sengawa (Student Residence)


Oukas Setagaya Sengawa (Health-promoting Senior Rental Residence)


2.Community Sports Facilities

・Running Course A 1km running course within the grounds,


accessible to everyone.


Supervised by the Dai-ichi Life Group Women’s Track and Field Team.


Dai-ichi Life Aigo-en Tennis Court

J&S Field (baseball pitch)


3. Community Centers and More


A historical building (Baba Family Ukayama Villa) was repurposed with rental spaces,


a smart store (unmanned convenience store), and a kitchen-equipped workspace.


Sogo Memorial Hall


The former residence of the founder of Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Tsuneo Yano,


relocated from Denenchofu in 1986.


The existing building has been repurposed to include a tearoom


and a rental space with a grand piano.



It is a huge project produced by five major companies


near Sengawa station on the Keio line


in Setagaya ward, Tokyo Met.


It takes about 25 mins from Sengawa to Shinjuku by train.


Setagaya is a traditionally upscale area.


The area is huge, and it is about 11-12 min walk from Sengawa station.


It should be good to buy.


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