Unearth an Exclusive Treasure in Kyoto: Exceptional Property Now Available!


Unearth an Exclusive Treasure in Kyoto: Exceptional Property Now Available!


Kyoto: The Ancient Capital with Modern Allure


Welcome to Kyoto, a city that harmoniously blends centuries-old traditions

with the dynamic pulse of modern life.

Once the capital of Japan for over a millennium, Kyoto is steeped in history

and rich cultural heritage,

offering a unique tapestry of experiences for its visitors and residents alike.


Kyoto is renowned for its historical landmarks,

including 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, traditional tea houses,

and stunning temples and shrines that dot the cityscape.

Its architectural grandeur, which spans the Heian to Edo periods,

and serene gardens are a testament to Japan’s enduring craftsmanship

and aesthetic sensibility.


Beyond its historic charm, Kyoto is also a vibrant, contemporary city.

It is home to leading universities, cutting-edge technology companies,

and a burgeoning startup scene. Kyoto’s culinary landscape is equally impressive,

boasting everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to comforting ramen stalls.


The city’s well-developed public transport system, featuring both subway and bus networks,

ensures that all of Kyoto’s attractions are within easy reach.

Whether you’re exploring the iconic Arashiyama Bamboo Grove,

wandering the historic streets of Gion, or engaging with the latest innovations

in the city’s tech hubs, Kyoto offers an enriching lifestyle that few cities can match.


Now, we’re thrilled to present a unique opportunity to own a piece of this extraordinary city.

A rare and exclusive property has come onto the market,


nestled in the heart of Kyoto, waiting for you to call it home. Read on for more details.


 I’m excited to present to you an extraordinary real estate opportunity shared exclusively with me


by a trusted industry colleague.


Nestled in the vibrant heart of Kyoto, this property is a rare find that seldom graces the market.


Perfectly positioned in Nishi-kujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto, the property is conveniently


a short 12-minute stroll from the bustling JR Kyoto station.


Further enhancing its prime location,


it’s a swift 3-minute walk from the Touji subway station, making the entire city readily accessible.


The property features a spacious three-story residential building, which comfortably sits on a generous plot


of 650 square meters.


Constructed in 1986, the building itself spans an impressive 576 square meters.

This impressive structure houses 11 individual apartments.

It is currently a rental property, but you could use the first floor

as your own home in the future, once the current tenant of the first floor moves out.

The previous owner used the first floor as his own residence.

The unit has three spacious bedrooms and two living-dining rooms,

for a total of 5LLDK.

The floor has a width of about 180 square meters.


Its robust steel construction not only underlines its enduring durability

but also adds a touch of modern charm to its appeal.


Priced at a competitive 280 million yen (approximately 2 million US dollars),


this unique gem could be yours.


If this extraordinary and exclusive property has sparked your interest,

we encourage you to reach out to us without delay.

Given the rarity and appeal of such a property, it may change hands quickly.

We’re on hand and delighted to provide additional information

or answer any queries you may have.


Don’t hesitate to contact us – this unique opportunity could be yours.



I understand that buyers would want to see photos and a rent roll before making an offer.

We can provide more details to anyone who is seriously considering purchasing this property.


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