Surrounded by the forests unique kominka houses close to skiing resorts and delightful onsen hot springs in Niigata prefecture : Only 80 mins from Tokyo

A relaxing, open plan space where each person can find their own way to chill out ?

Why don’t you try Niigata ?

Niigata prefecture is renowned for beautiful mountains and skiing resorts.

In addition, since Niigata is a major production center for high quality rice,  Niigata boasts many Japanese sake brands.

If you take Niigata shinkansen(bullet train) from Tokyo station, it takes only 80 mins to Echigo-yuzawa station.

From Echigo-yuzawa station, you can reach a number of delightful skiing resorts within one hour.

Today I pick up two charming kominka (old Japanese style house) houses which are both close to skiing resorts.

I usually enjoy pleasant onsen (hot springs) after skiing there.

1 Kominka house (akiya) in Tokamachi city 

Charming kominka house surrounded by nature

There is a park right next to the property

view from the house

Garage is included which is very convenient in winter  (you can avoid heavy snow) 

Japanese style tatami mat and entrance

(neighbor map)                                                  (Layout)


Location                       : Tokamachi city in Niigata prefecture (map)

Land                           : 1212 m2 (huge lot)  plus  garage about 43m2 wide         

Residence area        : 181m2

Built                          :  1963

Structure                 :  Wooden, 2-storey

Right                        : Free hold

Asking price           :  5.5 million yen

Nearest skiing resort is about 30 mins away and it takes about 45 mins to Joetsu-kokusai Skiiing resort

(well-known skiing resort in Niigata). There is onsen hot springs within 10 mins. It takes about one hour from
Echigo-yuzawa (越後湯沢) shinkansen station by car.

2 Kominka house (akiya) in Tokamachi city 

located in a small village which has only 50 households

unique fire wood stove

Traditional Japanese rooms

Neighbors                                                     Layout


Location                       : Tokamachi city in Niigata prefecture (map)

Land                           : 385 m2   

Residence area         : 352 m2

Built                          :  about 90 years old

Structure                 :  Wooden, 2-storey

Right                        : Free hold

Asking price           :  3.0 million yen (You need to allow the renovation cost to live more comfortably)

Remarks The nearest skiiing place is about 30 mins away.

It takes about 52 mins to Joetsu-kokusai skiing resort by car.
It takes about one hour from Echigo-yuzawa (越後湯沢) shinkansen station by car.

There is very famous onsen (unkai hotel)  in 10 min walking distance.

(Brilliant view from unkai onsen which is only 10 min walk away)

Tokamachi information

(Hoshitoge rice terrace in Tokamachi)

(Matsunoyama onsen resort)

(Tamakiya onsen hotel)

(French restaurant with magnificent view in Tokamachi)

(local produce)

Our Consultation service
Spot consultation is available for those who are interested in buying an old Japanese property.
Spot consultation fee starts from 50,000 yen per two hours (plus tax). Consultation over Internet telephone is  possible for those who are distant from Tokyo.
If you are seriously interested in buying akiya, please contact us. Consultation fee starts from 50,000 yen per two hours (plus tax). We provide the following consulting service for akiya investment as well.
1) Akiya search service
100,000 yen (plus tax) per project. We will look for an appropriate akiya for you.
It requires time consuming process.
Finding a good akiya is not as easy as you might think.
If you buy a wrong property in a wrong location, your investment could be a disaster.
We will not search akiya for free.

 2) Contract support
   200,000 yen + tax per one property
  After you find a good akiya, you need to go through
  all the transactions including due diligence, making purchase contract, tax, title registration, finding a builder      to renovate, finding a property manager, promote your property for leasing (if you want to rent out) etc
  All the relevant documents are in Japanese.
  We support the process.
 If you are seriously interested in buying a Japanese old house, please contact us.
Please note akiya could be very cheap but they are always very run-down, meaning your renovation cost will be very significant.
You sometimes need to allow min 20-25 million yen (U$200,000-250,000) to renovate akiya into the decent condition.


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Akiya always require the major renovation so please allow the budget for the renovation cost.


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